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We are dedicated to inspiring and equipping leaders through workshops, conferences, podcasts, webinars, books and more. When you join our Cadre, you get premium access to all of our online tools and resources. Our primary focus is to help business professionals become leaders in their field. We begin by guiding you through a 52-week business plan. Bi-weekly we invite you to join our open-line calls, designed to help you stay focused and re-align you with your overall goals. We also have online trainings to help challenge and push your business to the next level. Our goal is to help both individuals and organizations put sales and leadership into practice to find meaning and purpose in their work.

While there are many puzzle pieces for success. without developing a sound personal philosophy, the other pieces are of little value. Use our 7 Pillars of purpose to give yourself a sense of direction as your pursue your goals.

Leadership Training & Business Consulting

People becoming leaders, on a mission to help heal the world. 

The 7 Pillars of Purpose 

Goal Setting Workshop

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Goal Setting Workshop

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What People Are Saying

Being in the insurance business for over 14yrs, I know the ins and outs of insurance but there is always more to learn personally and professionally. Thus the Cadre Concept. A Cadre of like-minded business professionals striving to get better and add value to each other. Working with Cadre has helped me learn how to better leverage my time and track my activity. By focusing on proven processes develop by the Cadre Concept, I have been able to focus on action items that bring me benefit and help close more clients, all while creating solid relationships, building a tighter close-nit network, and helping others around me that I care about. 3 months into working with the Cadre Concept I had my best month in sales and am on my way to having my best year ever. Shane is changing lives. Get on board!

Aaron Davis

Insurance, InsuranceWorks

I’ve been originating loans for one year now and have had experience with several different coaches and training programs. Everyone so far has taught me to cold call non-stop, always be calling new referral sources, and focusing on what’s next. This strategy is great for the short term but it places far too much emphasis on quantity over quality. I’ll get a meeting with someone who can send me 10 leads a month but as soon as I’m done meeting with them I focus on the next referral source. This has created a problem for me because these relationships can’t be maintained and eventually fall out.  The Cadre Concept has taught me to focus on building quality relationships and lifelong business partners. Now when I meet a new referral source I focus on how I can create a valuable relationship for them and impact their business as well as mine. I’m much more engaged during my meetings and have a more structured daily plan.

I highly recommend The Cadre Concept for anyone looking to improve their business.

Chris Fountain

Loan Originator, Peoples Home Equity

I have been using the Cadre Concept formula for about 3 years now, I can’t say I was very good at following the steps in the beginning and had to re-commit 3 times, but I promise I have found success all 3 times when I gave my FULL efforts. My career line is Insurance, and this has helped me grow my professional side to the point that I am able to target larger more productive business relationships, and in turn grow a stronger base for business. I recommend this to people that truly want to lean in to a program that WILL prove results for the efforts they make. This is NOT a get rich quick plan, and takes tons of efforts. If you give your best daily to the tasks, you will find results far beyond your expectations.

Cristen Marceau

Insurance, Farmers Insurance

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